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Essaouira an interesting travel destination

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Essaouira is the laid-back version of Marrakesh, and also called “the wind city of Africa”.

The city is famous for a lot of reasons. This is a paradise for watersports lovers. It attracts plenty of kite surfers between April and November, and for the rest of the year it’s ideal for surfing. Add in 300 days of sunshine and constant warm, but not baking hot temperatures, and you’ve got the perfect short break destination.

Formerly known as Mogador, the medina in Essaouira has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its unusual mix of Moroccan and European styles. Did you know that the Tv-show “Game of Thrones” was filmed at the fort in the medina of Essaouira? The majority of visitors come here in spring and autumn to wander through the spice-scented lanes and palm-lined avenues of the fortified medina, browse the many art galleries and boutiques, relax in some of the country's best hotels and watch fishing nets being mended and traditional boats being constructed in the hugely atmospheric port.

The city is influenced from the Arabs, Africans, Romans, and French all blend together to create a mellow, rich cultural mix and a relaxed beach town.

Essaouira is more relaxed and laid-back than larger Moroccan cities. In general, Moroccans are welcoming and very respectful people. Use the days to try different watersports, or maybe other beach activities like a camel ride. Wander in the medina and eat a lot of delicious seafood. Try a traditional Moroccan bath, called Hammam. You should always end the day and catch a stunning Essaouira sunset, they are magical.

Check out this video.

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