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Sand Surf in Morocco

Surf the dunes of Essaouira with us. This is an activity for everyone, no matter his or her level, age, or previous experience. Your sand surf adventure starts with us.


Sand Surf Essaouira

As the first and only provider of Sand Surf we are proud to present Sand Surf with Ocean Surfpoint. Just a short drive from Essaouira, where you can find beautiful nature and sand dunes. The sand dunes in Essaouira is constantly changing due to the strong wind, so you are in for a surprise with this activity. We want to offer you something new, special and fun. There will always be smile and laughter, and we will enjoy the nature and create memories for a lifetime.

Sand Surf with Ocean Surfpoint

This activity fit for friends, couples, families or group in all age range, from 3 years to 70 years. The experience have a duration of 2 hours, and time of the day varies based on the weather.
The price is 35€ per person, and its minimum 2 people for it to be scheduled.  


Booking received. We agree time, date and meeting point per WhatsApp or email.


Rachid will teach you the technique. You can sit or stand up (alone or together).

Parking Bab Marrakech.png

We (Julie and Rachid) pick you up at agreed meeting point. The experience starts. 

Pictures and videos

The pictures/videos (phone) is sent right away. On camera is sent with WeTransfer later on.


It is a short drive on the beach before we reach destination. It always differs due to the wind. 

Parking Bab Marrakech.png

We drop you where you want within the center of Essaouira. Experience finished. 

What are you waiting for?


This was a fab experience!
From the meet up it doesn't take long to get to the dunes, so not too long until you get to start going down on your board! Rachid takes you through all the steps and works you up to the bigger slopes and to stand up! Great experience and photos to remember it (thanks to Julie). We got to take full advantage of the time. They are such lovely people!

Lowri, Ireland
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