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Surfing in Morocco

Our objective is that everyone, no matter his or her level, age, or previous experience, can enjoy and learn how to surf. We want everyone to believe in his or her own capabilities and grow in confidence in the ocean. 


Surf Essaouira

The beaches of Essaouira area are one of the most beautiful in Morocco. They are the perfect starting point for the surf lesson regardless of the level.  Gentle foams will let you have the first sensation of this wonderful sport.  Nice sandy and shallow beach with no rocks. Whether this is your first-time surfing, or you have surfed for a decade, we will take you to the spot for your level. We are a mobile surf school, and the lesson will take place at the best spot of the time and day. With us you will probably be able to see more of the beautiful beaches of Essaouira. 


Surfing is fun and easy. With the right instructor, it is easy to learn. You will learn the basic technique, which will help you to be able to progress and surf independently. Most of our student are able to stand up on the board for the first time, after only a few hours. To improve your technique is a lifelong journey.


Rachid is one of the few certified surf instructors in Essaouira area which is still actively teaching. With over 15 years' experience teaching individuals and group in all age's rages and levels. He personally works with each student (in the water) to help each one to achieve their goals. 


Surf lessons options



It's a great choice if you want to get more value of the lesson. You will have the instructor's full attention, which adapts to your level. You will progress faster reduce the amount of lessons needed to succeed independently. You will get the best time slot of the day based on the conditions and your level. Transport, pictures/videos and surf analysis included. 



Semi-private a great choice if you want a private lesson with your partner or friend(s), max 3 ppl. Share the time of the instructor, which will adapt to your level, and share the joy of learning a sport together. You will get the best time slot of the day based on the conditions and your level. Transport, pictures/videos and surf analysis included. 


Private Group

Group lesson are mainly scheduled for a family, friends or colleagues within the same group. Min 4 pp and max 8 ppl. Share the joy of learning a sport together and feel the joy when the instructor also help the others to succeed. The time of the day varies based on the group and other booking/capacity. No add-on included.

Surf trips

Surf trips are an amazing opportunity to discover more of Morocco. This is our favourite activity. We will drive through the beautiful landscape of Morocco, to find the best surf spots and enjoy day of surfing. This is a memory you will never forget. The trip is scheduled only for a group of minimum 3 people and includes surf rentals, food, and transportation. We offer lessons for a discounted price. 


I had the pleasure and privilege to book 2 surf sessions with Ocean Surfpoint. From transparent easy going communication with Julie, all the way to one on one’s on the beach with Rachid. It was an absolutely amazing experience, as a newbie to surfing I feel that I have mastered the basics and can board a board with much confidence. Thank you guys!

Eyal, Israel


The prices is per person, includes equipment. Read about the different options above before you decide. 

Surf lessons - 2 hours

Private lesson 85 €

Semi-Private lesson 60 €

Private group lesson 30 €


Surf trips half/full day

Sidi Kaouki 40 €

Imsouane 60 €

Customised - €


Rentals - 2 hours

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