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The Purpose of Ocean Surfpoint

Ocean Surfpoint, a surf/kite school in Essaouira, Morocco, was recently created to be able to offer local Moroccans a job where they are met with respect, better working conditions and a sense of belonging. It was created by Julie and Rachid, which will run this company together as partners.

My name is Julie, I feel lucky because I grew up in Norway. A country in north of Europe where everybody have the right to education, work with a contract and good working conditions as a bare minimum. You meet the total opposite conditions in Morocco. The kite/surf instructors I have talked to, told me about their job. They tell me about the lack of respect, minimum salary (15% of a lesson), and absent of contract, which gives them no rights from the government.

With this pandemic, surf/kite instructors in Morocco have had over a year without income. They are scared for the future and never know what tomorrow brings. But still, they are optimistic, positive and happy. They are curious, self-taught, have a love for the ocean and to teach kite or surf. They like to develop themselves and learn new things.

I want to create jobs for local Moroccans with similar working conditions I think should be minimum standard. To create a solid and growing team and develop the people to see and reach their potential. To create a sense of belonging and value. Teach the employees to read, more languages, about different cultures, technology, economy, business and meet them with respect. Motivated and happy employees are the key to success for the company.

We will build Ocean Surfpoint together and create a company all of us are proud to work for.

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