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Kitesurf in Morocco

Our objective is that everyone, no matter his or her level, age, or previous experience, can enjoy and learn how to kitesurf. We want everyone to believe in his or her own capabilities and grow in confidence in the ocean. 

Kitesurf Sunset

Kitesurf Essaouira

Essaouira is also called "the wind city of Africa", and thanks to the constant wind, and huge open spaces for kiting, Essaouira is one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. The perfect kitesurf spot for you with a sandy beach with no obstacles and a shallow side, offering a quick and safe learning for all levels. With our mobile surf school will take you to the best spot of the day. Perhaps we will take you to our secret beach. 




Whether you're a beginner and want to learn to kitesurf or need intermediate kite lessons, our kite courses will help you reach your goals.  Regardless of your skill level and the number of lessons you choose, your kite classes will be filled with fun, progression, and unforgettable moments on the water. Our kitesurfing instructors has many years of experience coaching those new to the sport find their feet and get the most enjoyment possible from the experience. The time of the lesson varies as we choose the best conditions for your skill level!


Rachid have been teaching all his life, and gain  experience for over 15 years. He have recently had two trainings with IKO (International Kite Organization). If Rachid is occupied with another lesson we have handpicked the best kite instructors in Essaouira, which we know will deliver the same high quality and standard. With our guidance, you’ll be able to take control of the kitesurf and gain confidence.

Remember that the best instructors are booked first, so book in advance to make sure you will have a spot.


Kite lesson options



It's a great choice if you want to get more value of the lesson. You will have the instructor's full attention, which adapts to your level. You will progress faster reduce the amount of lessons needed to succeed independently. The time of the day varies based on the conditions and your level. Transport, pictures/videos and surf analysis included. 



Semi-private a great choice if you want a private lesson with your partner or friend. One kite per person with one instructor. Share the time of the instructor, which will adapt to your level, and share the joy of learning a sport together. The time of the day varies based on the conditions and your level. Transport, pictures/videos and surf analysis included. 


Private Group

Group lesson are mainly scheduled for a family, friends or colleagues within the same group. Max 4 ppl, same kite level, and you share two kites and one instructor. Share the joy of learning a sport together and feel the joy when the instructor also help the others to succeed. The time of the day varies based on the conditions and your level. No add-on included.

Learning Kitesurfing

Learn to kitesurf in one of the best destinations in the world. Kitesurfing is a technical sport and you need to be prepared to estimate minimum 6 hours to learn the sport with a qualified instructor. This is for your own safety and your surroundings. You will learn step by step the different elements of mastering the sport.


Great week spent with Rachid!
2 Private Kite lessons! The spot is magical and ideal for learning! Far from the world and the many kitesurfers (Rachid takes us to a beautiful beach a little further than that of the city center) A great progression thanks to Rachid's many tips and an emphasis on safety for beginners!
Thank you again for all the advice given which allowed me to gain in ease and technique

Thomas, France


The prices is per person, includes equipment. Read about the different options above before you decide. 


2 H lesson   95 €

4 H lesson  190 €

8 H lesson  380 €

12 H lesson  550 €

Kite lesson

2 H lesson   85 €

4 H lesson  170 €

8 H lesson  340 €

12 H lesson  500 €

Private Group

2 H lesson   65 €

4 H lesson  130 €

8 H lesson  260 €

12 H lesson  390 €

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