Post Covid Travel and Current Travel Restrictions

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Never has there been a year when understanding the future of travel has been more important. Which countries can you travel to right now? Will I have to take a COVID-19 test during my journey? How many times will I need to change my face mask on the plane?

It’s been an undeniably rocky road, but it’s hoped that thanks to new air corridors opening up and better testing protocols, trips abroad will start becoming easier again. Travel, of course, won’t be the same as it once was, but maybe that won’t be a bad thing. Cities will be quieter, UNESCO World Heritage Sites won’t be over-crowded and the skies will be less polluted. The planet has had a breather, and although the tourism industry has been suffering massively, the pandemic has taught us a vital lesson – that travel is a privilege and not a right.

What to expect and where to find the correct information?

There is still a pandemic ongoing and there will be travel restrictions for a long time. It is hard to know what information is correct and where to find the updated information. I figured out that the best source of information would be what the airports and airline companies use. International Air Transport Association (IATA) made a Covid-19 Travel restriction map, which is constantly updated. I have doubled-checked this many time by looking at information from the government and with the map, and it's always a match.

Now you know where to find the information. If there is one thing that is certain, is that you need either a Covid Vaccine Passport or a negative Covid test to enter a country.

Covid-19 Travel restriction map - IATA

  1. Click on the link (IATA), you will find a world map.

  2. Find the country you want information on.

  3. Check the last update date and read about the restrictions and what information you need to enter the country.

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